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Starting point in England – BBC discovers Mary Middlefield: a native of Lausanne living in Glastonbury – SRF Radio 3

Starting point in England – BBC discovers Mary Middlefield: a native of Lausanne living in Glastonbury – SRF Radio 3

Appearance at the Excellence Festival. Lausanne musician and “SRF 3 Best Talent” unexpectedly received an invitation to Glastonbury Festival. She will be performing at the BBC Introducing Theater on June 27. You don't know how you got this honor.

This festival is a festival of excellence. It is one of the largest outdoor events in the world. It has been housed since 1970 on a farm near the town of Glastonbury in southwest England.


A view of the Glastonbury Festival grounds

It is attended by 200,000 people every year, raving about the concerts, circus, dance, theater and comedy shows and marveling at the installations on the approximately 450-hectare site which includes more than a hundred theatres.


The BBC is there, offering more than 40 hours of programming across its TV channels and more than 85 hours on radio and online.

Center: Mary Middlefield

And this year, there's a 'Best SRF 3 Talent' on the BBC preliminary stage: Marie Middlefield from Lausanne. The musician received an email invitation out of the blue and still can't believe it.

“It's a dream come true, and it feels like a huge privilege, a huge blessing,” she tells us. You don't know how you got this honor. “I have no idea how you did it.” That's why she initially thought she received the message by mistake.

With the announcement that it will be playing on the BBC Introducing stage, it is now in black and white.

Mary Middlefield's Glastonbury Festival office


Mary is in luck: she will be traveling to England in June


Ed Sheeran has actually performed here

BBC One Stage is a hotbed of talent. For example, Ed Sheeran performed here in 2011. Legendary status and a performance that could open the door to a career does not make the pressure on acts any less. On the contrary: Mary Middlefield is simply trying to remain relaxed.

Your goal: to provide the best. “I want to give an honest and real show.” Accordingly, the 22-year-old and her band are fine-tuning their performance until the show on June 27, 2024.

Swiss women are very popular at Glastonbury

This musician from Lausanne is the fourth Swiss allowed to perform at Glastonbury. It started in 2010 when Sophie Hanger was invited to attend the legendary festival.

Two more of Bernie's, both also 'SRF 3 Best Talents', found success in 2019: Thon's Veronica Fusaro was in the line-up, and 'Bombay Mami' Tashan performed in concert on the BBC Intro stage.

Who is Mary Middlefield?

The German-born woman grew up in Lausanne. From an early age she was interested in classical music, and won prestigious awards for her singing and violin playing. But as time passed, she no longer liked the classical music scene. The ideas of how to sing a song or play a piece of music were sometimes very narrow.

Liberation came by chance – the epidemic was accompanied by an involuntary farewell to the former lover. Since Mary Middlefield had nothing to do, the musician began teaching herself to play the guitar and writing her own songs at her home near Lausanne.

I felt comfortable again. She found her freedom and her calling back on a pile of broken pieces. A happy ending and a new beginning. As a result, she turned her back on classical music because, as a pop and folk singer, she could wear her heart on her sleeve and play music the way she thought was right.