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Starfield without stars: Radeon graphics cards exclude celestial bodies

Starfield without stars: Radeon graphics cards exclude celestial bodies

from Valentine Sattler
Modern Radeon graphics cards seem to suffer from a graphics bug in Starfield: they don’t expose the sun. However, the problem does not occur with Geforce GPUs or on consoles.

As with most successful games, Starfield has numerous reports of bugs and glitches. In line with this, a Reddit post currently points to a particularly strange issue. Accordingly, there is a display problem with Radeon graphics cards: they simply ignore some orbs.

Empty skybox

According to Reddit user Yoraxx, the issue occurs with many AMD graphics cards, and possibly all Radeon RX 6000 and Radeon RX 7000 series. Comparison images show that Starfield only shows a skybox with stars or clouds with the current Radeon graphics card. However, if you play the same scene using a Geforce graphics card, you can also see a bright “sun” that should give the player a sense of where the light is coming from.

Starfield: Display error with Radeon graphics cards

Starfield on RX 7900 XTStarfield on RTX 3070 Ti

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So, even though Starfield is actually an AMD-sponsored title, the Radeon models seem to have a graphical flaw here: orbs are not displayed. Obviously there are no technical limitations, because the consoles, which are also based on Radeon GPUs, do not seem to suffer from the problem. So maybe it’s a simple software bug.

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However, so far, there seems to be no temporary solution, which is why Starfield players with a Radeon graphics card will have to make do with empty skies for now. If you are bothered by the display error, you can of course wait for the update from Bethesda or AMD. It probably won’t take long for this to happen.

Source: via wccftech