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Stardew Valley has now sold over 20 million copies

Stardew Valley has now sold over 20 million copies

Stardo ValleyIt is one of the 2016 indie games that is still in high demand today. The current achievement of more than 20 million sales confirms the popularity of the cute farming game.

Stardew Valley shoots through the roof

Opposite Computer game enthusiasts The game’s creator, Eric Baron (aka Anxious Monkey), said, “20 million copies are really cool. I can’t believe the game has reached that level.”

“Average daily sales in Stardew Valley today are higher than they have ever been,” Barron says. As of January 2020, the cute simulation has doubled its sales of 10 million. Five million copies have been sold since September 2021 alone.

“I’m not quite sure why that is. I hope the game spreads more through word of mouth, and the more people play it, the more people will share the game with their friends. Anyway, I’m very happy that Stardew Valley is still so popular.” .

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The jump in sales numbers is also due to the fact that Barone made it too low last time to be on the safe side.

“The old figure of 15 million was an underestimate because I didn’t have complete information and wanted to make sure it wasn’t too low. With the full switch to self-publishing this year, I was able to make a more comprehensive sales count,” Barron said.