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Star Citizen: Megaproject should be a big MMO in 2027

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In October 2022, it will be ten years since Star Citizen was announced. But the game is not over yet. However, within five years, Cloud Imperium wanted to run a “pretty great MMORPG,” COO Carl Jones promised.

The number of employees will double by 2026

The statement was made for MCV Develop magazine, who was talking to Jones about setting up a massive new studio in Manchester. At the branch, which was established only last November, Cloud Imperium wants to hire 700 employees by 2023, and even 1,000 by 2026, to sponsor Star Citizen — and more than double the previous number of employees at the already huge studio.

The expansion is accompanied by other recruitment rounds around the world, including at the company’s Frankfurt studio. There is a basis for that: the ambitious project, which has pushed the boundaries of normal game development for years, has now raised 3.4 million supporters and nearly $430 million USD.

Game over or the end of an alpha state is still not in sight. The fact that a great MMORPG should be launched in five years, at least indicates the period in which the developers are currently planning. However, whether this means that Star Citizen will get the features originally promised or that it will have a lot more players than now and thus simply become big, it’s in the stars.

However, Cloud Imperium has ambitious plans. In the context of staffing increases, Jones made clear that development resources would not be superfluous in the future. “At this stage we are developing the back [von Star Citizen] and other successors to the 42nd squadron‘ says the operations manager.

Chris Roberts looks at Squadron 42

Chris Roberts is also based primarily in Great Britain again to further the development of the 42nd singles title, which, according to the developers, has been on the verge of completion several times. How long Roberts would have to focus on Squadron 42, Jones couldn’t say, Cloud Imperium no longer remembered the dates. “It could be a year, two years, or more“Be,” Jones said. However, 42nd Squadron will be limited to “It ends when it endsBasically, Cloud Imperium follows the “on completion” strategy shaped by the 3D worlds during the eternal evolution of Duke Nukem: Forever. As always, both games are still several years away from completion.