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Star chef Flavio Fermi returns to Basel: 'It's like going home'

Star chef Flavio Fermi returns to Basel: ‘It’s like going home’

For almost eight years, Flavio Fermi has ensured that Bad Bubendorf is very popular among gourmets. Together with Evelyn and Roland Teichhauser, he now dares to do Ackermanshov.

Opening a new restaurant during the pandemic is a bold move. But during lockdown, he decided to get out of his comfort zone and try new things. “After eight years in Bad Bubendorf, I needed four new walls again.”

Fermi found the moment to jump into freelancing, “although some find this moment daring.” But for Fermi it looks fine.

I’m back in town

For Flavio Fermi, changing location is like coming home. “I am really happy because I can now cook in the city. I grew up in Pratteln but I was always outside in Basel.” But the cooking at Bubendorf was great. Now he is glad to be able to work “at home” again in the kitchen.

The star chef wants to serve up fine dining in his new restaurant. Flavio Fermi wants to celebrate the culinary arts at the new location in a contemporary way. “You can certainly taste the change of location. It has moved away a bit from Italian cuisine and the menu is all in German again. My style of cooking is still Mediterranean and modern.”