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Stalker 2 - Heart of Chernobyl: The shooter's release noticeably delayed (rumor)

Stalker 2 – Heart of Chernobyl: The shooter’s release noticeably delayed (rumor)

The long-awaited STALKER 2 is supposed to cause quite a stir in the spring, but if you believe insiders, it just won’t work out for now.

Source from Ukraine, which was previously applicable information about Stalker 2 – The Heart of Chernobyl It was leaked, and now he claims that the release date of the shooter sequel will unfortunately be delayed by at least six months. Fans of the franchise will likely continue to wait after nearly 13 years since the launch of Call of Pripyat.

Ukrainian YouTuber Oldboi seems to be well connected with GSC Game World and claims, citing his own sources, that the release has already been postponed to the fall of 2022. Therefore, the developers will officially report this fact in the next presentation of the shooter.

But there are also positive side notes: the game, which was initially based on Unreal Engine 4, has now been ported to Unreal Engine 5 to enable a true next-generation experience. The game has been confirmed for PC and Xbox Series X/S so far. PS5 players can also get their hopes up: The PS5 version is said to be in the works and will be released either at the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023 – then also with DualSense support for some gameplay mechanics.

Official confirmation of the postponement as well as the PS5 release is still pending. STALKER 2, slated for 2012, has now been announced for PC and Xbox Series X/S on April 28, 2022. We’ll keep you posted!

Stalker 2 – Heart of Chernobyl – E3 2021 – Gameplay Trailer

Not only was there a trailer for the new STALKER in the Microsoft Bethesda Showcase, but there was also a date, which is April 28, 2022.