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Staff and stolen content?  Remove a video game from Steam – t3n – Digital Pioneers

Staff and stolen content? Remove a video game from Steam – t3n – Digital Pioneers

Publisher Nixon feels betrayed. (Photo: Mano’s/Shutterstock)

In early March, it became known that there had been a raid on the South Korean game studio Ironmace. The claim: In the “Dark and Darker” MMO case, assets and staff were stolen from rival studio Nexon. Now the situation has escalated.

Dark and Darker, a fantasy MMO set to enter Early Access in April, whose developer Ironmace has been accused of plagiarizing content from a Nexon P3 title. For the most part, former Nexon employees have worked on Dark and Darker, and the publisher believes the two titles are very similar.

As a result, Nixon complained a few weeks ago and the police raided Ironmace’s office. Nexon’s lawyers said that Dark and Darker has “amazing similarities to the ‘P3’ concept in terms of the main gameplay.” Because of the alleged theft, Nexon hired “P3” and spoke out about unethical actions by her former colleagues.

The argument goes to the next round

with He writes Nexon has now reported it to the relevant copyright authority, which eventually led to “Dark and Darker” being removed from the Steam gaming platform. The letter states that Ironmace “makes unauthorized use of Nexon trade secrets and copyrighted materials.”

In response to the delisting, Ironmace released a clarification far. It states that a legal team is currently working to “fix this issue as best as possible”. In the statement, Ironmace is clear to Nixon. “Given the information provided, it is difficult to believe that Nexon may have a good faith belief that Ironmace is infringing the copyrights of their ‘P3’ project. Nor do they present any real evidence that Ironmace misused Nexon’s trade secrets in creating Dark and Darker.” Instead, the allegations were based on circumstantial allegations.

Finally, Ironmace urged Nexon to “drop their unsubstantiated claims.” In addition, Nexon will be invited to compare source code, custom assets, and design documents with the police in order to “rapidly and decisively bring this matter to an end.”

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