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Stäcketöri again – another festival of the region is being created here

Stäcketöri again – another festival of the region is being created here

Six young men organize their first open-air festival in Zäziwil. At the end of June you can celebrate indie, dialect and techno at the “Stäcketöri Freiluft”. BERN-OST spoke to one of the organizers.

The Than Rock Festival has been taking place in Zäziwil for years, and this summer there will be a Than Rock competition. Bands and DJs will perform at the Grossmatthof on June 23rd and 24th. Stäcketöri is based on a varied and interesting musical programme. There’s a Troubas Kater accent, the Pedestrians deliver indie-pop, and Mixed Fabrics breathes its vocals into the mic over deliberate overtones. Lostboi Lino describes his music as a mixture of melancholy enriched with punk, grunge, and rap. Naima sings and giggles to reggae music while Birdman Jaggi mixes digital sounds with rap. You can listen to music, dance and camp.

BERN-OST: Lino Fiechter, who’s behind the outdoor Stäcketöri?

Lino Fischer: We’re six guys, four from Emmental, and two from Bern. In addition, we are supported by the owner of a subsidiary of a communications and events company.

How did the name of the festival come about?

We didn’t want an outdoor Zäziwil or a Zäzi Festival. We love Bern German, and there are so many wonderful words in the dialect. We thought Stäcketöri would make you smile. Everyone who enters the festival area will pass under Stäcketöri.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​the outdoors?

We sat around the campfire and talked. Some of us play in a band, and we also found that there aren’t a lot of big outdoor events in Emmental. This is how the idea of ​​organizing a festival came about.

What kind of outdoors would it be?

Keep in mind to organize a warm and beautiful festival on a larger scale. There will be special lights, local food stands, and lots of music. It should be a bigger festival, but still warm.

Sponsors often dominate the image at outdoor events, so what about you?

We want to get away from that. We will have a care board and thank you stage. We are not an advertising festival and we don’t want to see sponsors everywhere.

Musically you write on the home page, the music plays from indie to accent to techno – where is the hip hop?

We have a very wide selection of music on our platform. We have bands that can’t classify themselves. Of course we have hip-hop and rap.

How long do you party at night?

We’re still checking on the congregation, and we’re baptized until three in the morning.

How difficult is it to plan a festival like this?

The hardest part was getting started and making a name for yourself. If you ask the bands, they want to know if it works. We have the well-known event company Crealto GmbH backing us, helping us. The food trucks also initially had concerns about whether we could bring the necessary people to the site so they could cover the costs.

Zäziwil already has a second rock festival, so is there room for a couple of outdoor excursions?

Good question, we think so. Since we don’t have the same type, font, and size, there’s definitely room for both.

You are between 20 and 24 years old, how do you deal financially?

Basically, almost everything should be settled on the day of the show. We will pay for it from ticket proceeds. But it is also a big risk because we are responsible as an association. We look forward to every visitor, there will be space for 5,500 people.

[i] Stäcketori outdoors It will take place on June 23 and 24, 2023. A one-day ticket for Friday or Saturday costs 65 francs, and a two-day ticket costs 110 francs.