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Stab in the heart for Harry

Stab in the heart for Harry

Prince Charles, 72, had to put up with serious allegations from his son Harry, 36, once again. Did the heir to the throne respond in his way?

Prince Charles: A difficult relationship with Harry

Prince Charles’ relationship with his youngest son wasn’t always easy in the past. Just a few weeks ago, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Harry said he and his father were as well They will not talk to each other. While the whole world can watch how Harry at least looked close to his brother and sister-in-law Kate at the funeral of his grandfather Prince Philip, the relationship with Charles continues to be difficult. Recent developments seem to clarify this once again.

Prince Charles: Harry unpacks his podcast

Because in a new interview with “Armchair Expert” on their podcast with Dax Shepard, the Duke of Sussex was Serious blasphemy to his father made. Harry said Charles was with him.Treated as he was treating himself– a slap, not only to Charles himself, but also indirectly to his mother, Queen Elizabeth. Harry was really getting it so far Always protect in public Wants. He even assured Oprah Winfrey that it was neither the Queen nor her husband Prince Philip who was said to have made the racist remarks about Archie’s skin color. With these new allegations against Prince Charles, Harry appears to have diverged from this strategy and is now doing Also the Queen to be Bad relationship with parts of the family With the official. Father Charles at least now appears to be drawing conclusions.

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Prince Charles: A clear message to Harry?

Prince Charles held a video conference of a charity in Australia this week. The heir to the throne showed himself in front of a large plaque, in the background two spacious lamps can be seen – and a picture now Cause a stir. Because the photo Charles put behind him shows him with his mother the Queen, son Prince William and grandson Prince George. From Harry And his son Archie is against it Nothing to watch. A clear letter from Charles to Harry, which should clearly show his younger son that it is for him It is no longer family Belongs?

Prince Charles: the final estrangement with his son?

Now one can argue that the picture shows only the direct line of the heirs to the throne. However, it is unusual for Charles to consciously choose only this small portion of his family Harry does not matter at all. Reports from insiders also fit with this. Such as “daily MailHe writes, more and more people in the palace are seeing that Charles and Harry relationship Easy It can no longer be saved he is. And it seems that this new decision by Charles also sends a very clear signal that is very painful for Harry for sure.