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SRF viewers complain about the reporter's encouragement

SRF viewers complain about the reporter’s encouragement

SRF correspondent Alexandra Gobser celebrated on TV Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the elections. At the SRF, this is a taboo – and it garners complaints.

SRF correspondent Alexandra Gobser celebrates the re-election of Emmanuel Macron. – SRF

The basics in brief

  • Emmanuel Macron (44) retains his position as President of France.
  • He received 58.55 percent of the total votes, defeating Marine Le Pen (53).
  • Reporter Alexandra Gubser rejoiced at the SRF special.

“A stone fell from her heart,” SRF correspondent Alexandra Gopsir, 54, said on television. This means re-election Emmanuel Macron (44) for the French President. Gubser doubled down on the special: Le Pen’s replacement would have been a “nightmare.” “You can’t imagine that.”

Many viewers of SRF may feel like Gubser. But: such political statements are forbidden to public service journalists. According to the SRF guidelines, the principle applies: “We have nothing in common with anything, not even with a good thing.”

Are you happy with Macron’s victory?

SRF viewers complain about the cheers

It even explicitly states that you “avoid political statements in public”.

The ombudsman has already received two complaints, according to

Alexandra Jobser herself is aware of this slip. Upon request, the radio said: “The FREE’s reporting on the elections in France highlighted as many different aspects of the election campaign in the run-up to and on the two election days as it was proper and fair. Alexandra Gubser admits, however, that she should not have She allows herself to be swept away by the wave of relief that swept through France and liberal Europe in that brief moment immediately following the decision to vote.”

Your report in advance as well as all your other statements during the two special programs and in the following days will never lack objectivity and impartiality.

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