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SRF-Ruefer celebrated this rider at EM

SRF-Ruefer celebrated this rider at EM

A fast driver arrives at Wembley Stadium for the Euro 2020 final. He even inspires through his evasive maneuvers the SRF-Ruefer.

Sasha Rover is excited about this speed. – Twitter / @NewsForAllUK

The basics in brief

  • Fast driver interrupts final at Wembley.
  • The hosts do their best to stop him.
  • An SRF commentator celebrates the intruder.

Shortly before the end of the regular season, the Euro 2020 final will be cut short: a fast driver will find him The way to the field – Provides security personnel Before the big problems.

One allows him to run into the void, the second and the third subtly flick. “He plays with cat-and-mouse volumes,” he comments Sasha Rover in SRF. Three security guards follow the speeding driver, and a cheery commentator informs TV viewers. “Insane, that world-class speed,” the rover celebrates with the intruder.

Do you like speedster?

The stewards surround the fast chariot – now it is almost impossible to escape. But the rulers ran over each other. From the side lines, the fast driver dashes into the center – cutting his own single lane after more than 20 seconds. He will have to work on his stamina a little more.

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