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Square Enix has many discoveries at E3

Square Enix has many discoveries at E3

As usual, there was plenty to see from Square Enix at this year’s E3. With Final Fantasy and Life is Strange, here are the highlights of the show.

The basics in brief

  • Yesterday, Wednesday, E3 2021 ended with various events.
  • Square Enix also had a big show with many ads and trailers.
  • There was a lot to see here with Final Fantasy, Life is Strange, and other titles.

Also this year, some big names came up with new projects and ads at E3. Among the headlines, Square Enix also provided some insights into current games and more. The highlights of the presentation are summarized here.

Square Enix burns Guardians of the Galaxy

At first there was one of the biggest announcements with the new Glaxy guards. as in An eponymous movie from Marvel There’s colorful action and a lot of ’80s music here. The title should hit the cross-platform on October 26th.

With Guardians of the Galaxy, Square Enix pulled a special ace up its sleeve.

Life is strange showing its colors

Square Enix also showed a new gameplay from Life is Strange: True Colors and thus powers the protagonist Alex. With this game waiting for fans mysterious adventure With interesting ethical questions. The new Life is Strange should be available from September 10th trade Come.

The Life is Strange True Colors trailer is especially colorful.

Finally more about the Babylon case قضية

Since the announcement three years ago, there has been very little news about the action game Babylon’s Fall. Now a new one appears Trailer for a movie The picturesque world of a co-op adventure for four players. Interested parties can already register for the game’s closed beta.

The case of Babylon shows the work in a poetic way.

Several ads in Final Fantasy

Of course, Square Enix did not miss the chance of E3 Talking about Final Fantasy. There was an announcement of a pixel remaster for the first six parts of the JRPG series. Games should start soon for PC and mobile.

With the remaster, Square Enix is ​​a pixel perfect job.

Last but not least, Stranger of Paradise has become a brand new brand for Final Fantasy The original is raised. But there is already a lot of criticism from fans on the network.

Stranger of Paradise is also the usual JRPG action.

The title is slated to launch for PC and consoles in 2022, with a demo of Play Station 5 should already be ready.

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