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Spider warning in Australia – small children’s newspaper

They lie like blankets Cobwebs On the terrain State of Australia Victoria. You are Lawns, trees and road signs. Spiders try to escape from moisture in this way. This is because of the recent heavy rains in the region. It is Flood and flood Given. The animals are now escaping from this, so they build their nets at higher altitudes.

Spiders are said to be mainly called வகபுண்ட்ஸ்பின்னென் Play. They are harmless to humans. This is not always the case in Australia. Because there are a lot in the country Spider species are dangerous to humans Could be example Funnel web spider. The venom of the funnel-web spider is equivalent Dangerous.
Experts say that many cobwebs are one Effect Climate change There are droughts and floods like wildfires, which occur frequently in recent years.

Here is a video where you can see spider webs:

On the map you can see where the state of Victoria is in Australia:

There were also several floods in Australia last March. There was a rat plague at that time.