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Sparta Prague reached the final after a great race to catch up

The first winner of the Spengler Cup has been decided: Sparta Prague meets a Swiss representative.Photo: Cornerstone

12/30/2022, 5:27 p.m12/30/2022, 5:46 PM

Sparta Prague cruised to the final of the Spengler Cup with a great race to catch up. The Czechs beat Sweden’s fourth-placed Orebro 4-3 after trailing 3-0.

After the middle of the game, the Czechs made it 4:3 from 0:3 by the end of the middle period. Former HCD top scorer and top scorer for Örebro 1-0 Matthias Brommi made it possible to meet the fourth goal in the 40th minute with the loss of the disc. David Tomasek scored his first goal of the tournament with an assist from Swede Erik Thorell for Sparta Prague.

Örebro goalkeeper Jonas Enroth didn’t look good conceding a goal or two. His anti-lip condition has never been better. Sparta’s goalkeeper Josef Korenar conceded three goals from the first shots on goal by Al Shamal in the middle of the match. The second goal in particular was solid when he missed the goalpost with his hand. Jakub Kovar, ZSC’s goalkeeper last season, was just a substitute for the Czech.

Unlike Örebro the day before, Sparta Prague was without a match and showed an impressive series of improvement in the semifinals. As a result, the Czechs have reached the final of the Spengler Cup since 2004, when they lost to HC Davos with the NHL stars on New Year’s Eve.

epa10382751 Sparta's David Tomasek (up) celebrates after scoring 3-4 against Oerebro goalkeeper Jonas Enroth during the match between Czech Republic's HC Sparta Praha and Oerebro HK in ...

David Tomasek (No. 96) scores the winning goal.Photo: Cornerstone

Twelve years ago, Spartag Prague were winless at Davos the last time they participated. And the last Czech victory in the Spengler Cup was 40 years ago, when the then legendary Dukla Jihlava triumphed in 1982. Sparta Prague itself is twice included in the list of winners of the Spengler Cup (1962 and 1963).

No team from Sweden has won at Davos since Färjestad (1994). However, the last time a Swedish team participated in the traditional tournament in Örebro was 16 years ago.

Sparta Prague 4-3 Örebro (0-1, 4-2, 0-0)
6,267 spectators (all sold out). SR Lemelin / Wiegand (USA / SUI), Cattaneo / Obwegeser (SUI).
Portals: 4. Broome (Apollus, Wakeman) 0-1. 23 Nakiva (Houdin) 0-2. 30. Rissanen (Houdin) 0-3. 31 Dvoracek (Konecny, Moravcik) 1-3. 35. Foreman (Pribel, Indus) 2:3. 38. Bochtel (Miklis) 3:3. 40 (39:19) Tomasek (Eric Thorell) 4:3
punish: 4 times 2 minutes against Sparta Prague, 3 times 2 minutes against Örebro.
Sparta Prague: Coronary artery. Crotel, Company; Miklis, Yandus; Tomek, Moravsik; Boom. Rebeck, Sobotka, Foreman; Horak, Eric Thorell, Tomasek; safin, fetoush, pochette; Dvoracek, Gustav Thorell, Konicny; Pribel.
Orebro: Enroth Risanen, Nakiva; Berglund, Holm. Backstrom, Hardgard. forcemark. Wakeman, Apollos, Bromi; Mastomaki, Ekstrom, Ecklund; Nelson, Carlson, Oberg; Houdin, Marines, Muzik. (nih/sda)

Spengler Cup Winners in the New Millennium


Spengler Cup Winners in the New Millennium

Source: Keystone / Jan Ehrnzeller

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