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Spare parts shortage: Hundreds of Russian vacationers are stranded in Antalya due to a lack of spare parts

Spare parts shortage: Hundreds of Russian vacationers are stranded in Antalya due to a lack of spare parts

Tourists from Russia are stuck in Türkiye for two days. The reason: Red Wings is having problems with two of its three Boeing 777s.

It’s anything but easy. Russian airlines find it difficult to obtain spare parts. This forces some of them to take drastic measures. Sometimes you have to disassemble new planes. Some standards have also been lowered. At Aeroflot, for example, many planes move with broken brakes.

And the Red Wings also seem to be having problems maintaining the airworthiness of their aircraft. This was stated in a statement on the airline’s website. In it, I reported on the problems with flights WZ3061 and WZ3062, which were supposed to carry passengers from Yekaterinburg to Antalya and in the opposite direction.

More than 48 hours in Antalya

According to the newspaper, they had been sitting for more than 48 hours Moscow Times 410 Russians are stuck in Antalya because flights cannot take place. According to Red Winds, the flight delays were “due to an emergency: For technical reasons, two of the three Boeing 777s in the airline’s fleet were out of service at the same time,” he writes.

An additional Pegas Fly aircraft has now been chartered to fly customers home, the airline continues to write. They will now fly from Yekaterinburg to Antalya and back again. Red Wings has not disclosed exactly what problems its Boeing 777 planes are facing. The reason for the delay is also the problems caused by the sanctions when purchasing spare parts. But this is no excuse.

One plane in Russia and one in Antalya

According to The Moscow Times, one of the planes, registration number RA-73331, is currently undergoing repairs at Moscow’s Chukovsky Airport. The other, with license plate number RA-73329, has been in Antalya since August 12, according to Flightradar data. The newspaper reported that the passengers on board were said to have spent more than 11 hours on the ground. There are problems with engine cooling.