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Spanish Letizia: headgear, headdress, color - pulls all stops on an official visit

Spanish Letizia: headgear, headdress, color – pulls all stops on an official visit

Well, who here shines as brightly as the sun in winter Sweden? that it Letizia Spain (49). with the husband philippe (53) The Queen made an official visit to the Far North. Everyone dressed up for lunch together at the Swedish castle. Before lunch there was a mandatory photo session. King Carl Gustaf (75), Queen Silvia (77), Crown Princess Victoria (44), Prince Daniel (47), Prinz Carl Philip (42) and Princess Sofia (36) He received guests from Spain. While Victoria looked to match her light blue dress with the men’s scarf, Sophia made a magical photoshoot in a black floral dress. But the beautiful Spaniard outdone everyone in her orange dress with an extravagant hoodie.

Head, Headdress, and Color: In the video above, you can see the glowing Letizia and see how the Swedish royals presented themselves.

Spanish Letizia: First state visit to Sweden in 42 years

The last state visit of the Spanish royal couple to Sweden was in 1979. It was still at that time Former Juan Carlos Koenig (83) and his wife Sophia (83) Visited by Carl Gustaf and Silvia. Even if members of the royal family met several times in the meantime, the official state visit to Sweden was not the occasion at all. After the Spaniards arrived in Stockholm (November 23), there were no warm greetings at the airport at first, because the first dates with members of the Swedish royal family were not due until the next day. royal couple He first went to the Spanish Embassy to look around and give a speech. And even then, Felipe and Letizia adhered to their own rules, since their path did not lead to the royal palace, they chose another place.