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SpaceX launches a secret cargo into space

During the night, a Falcon Heavy rocket from the American aerospace company SpaceX flew into space. On board was a secret military cargo.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has once again launched secret military satellites, reports. The flight, called USSF-67, took off from NASA’s Florida spaceport last night.

The main cargo is said to be a military satellite, called CBAS-2 (SATCOM 2), which will be placed in Earth orbit at a distance of approximately 35,700 km.

To improve satellite communications

CBAS-2 will support the communications of “senior commanders and combat commanders,” quotes “” the space division of the US Armed Forces, the US Space Force. The probe must extend existing military satellite communications and continually forward data. Power does not reveal more.

In addition to the CBAS-2 satellite, five smaller US Space Force probes are said to have been aboard the Falcon Heavy. Including a weather observation satellite and another by which other investigation tracks can be observed and documented.

Falcon Heavy contains reusable parts

This is the fifth time that the “Falcon Heavy” rocket, also known as Elon Musk’s super rocket, has been launched. When it first launched in February 2018, the billionaire and head of SpaceX launched a red sports car from his company Tesla into space.

With each launch, SpaceX tries to bring parts of its rockets back to Earth and reuse them. In the current launch, the two launchers, called Super Heavy Boosters, landed safely on the ground about eight minutes after they separated from the rocket.

Both boosters came from the launch of the last “Falcon Heavy” mission last November, called USSF-44. Also at that time, the rocket carried a secret military cargo into space for the US Space Force.

So we’re going to land on Mars.

SpaceX founder Elon Musk expressed his satisfaction with the launch of his super rocket on Twitter. In a tweet, he shared a video showing the boosters landing on Earth. “And this is how we end up on Mars,” he wrote.

His space company is working on a so-called Starship system that will take people into space and later to Mars. The system consists of two components.

The upper layer is the so-called part of the spacecraft, where passengers and cargo will be transported. The lowest stage is the booster also used in the “Super Heavy” rocket, which can drop to the ground after flight.