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Space for new gastronomy and holiday apartments – Vogtsburg

On Hirschstraße in Oberbergen, the city and individuals want to start a large construction project with apartments, restaurants and an underground car park. For some, the planned building is too big.

The planning for the Farrenstallareal development on Hirschstraße found unanimous approval in the local council. At the meeting, architect Thomas Thiele gave information on the current status of the project. The city of Vogtsburg would like to realize its own goals with a private investor. “This rough diamond has to be polished obligingly,” Thiele said. The jointly developed draft plan provides for the inclusion of another plot of land. Two three-storey houses can be built. Gastronomic offer as well as eight holiday apartments and condominiums to be built there as well as an underground car park with 21 parking spaces. Thiele explained that this was only a rough draft.

The valid development plan of the inner city should be further developed in time. Because so far, only four housing units are allowed for each property. “The buildings are compatible with urban development and fit into the center of Oberbergen,” said the architect at the meeting. In the medium term, the city would like to have its own area of ​​about 700 square meters ready for construction. I got the green light from the local council. During the 15-minute interrogation session, many of the listeners shook their heads, especially because of the scale of the buildings that were designed. There was talk of a “huge block”. According to Mayor Boone, the data was included in the additional procedures.