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South America braces for severe heat wave

South America braces for severe heat wave

From California in the southwest through Texas to Florida in the southeast. The southern United States will be hotter over the next few days. The National Weather Service has issued a hot weather warning for southern and central California. According to the National Weather Service (NWS), a so-called heat dome has formed in the southwestern states, which is why the thermometer will rise above 37 degrees Celsius in parts of California, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. During the week, temperatures could reach 44 degrees in parts of Los Angeles County.

“Cancel outdoor activities between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.,” the weather service in the desert suburb of Las Vegas advised, recalling that “heat is the most dangerous weather event” in the United States. The weather service warned that the extreme heat, “with little or no disturbance at night,” would affect “those without effective air conditioning and/or adequate water.”

Apart from high temperatures, above all the duration of the heat wave worries experts: in Phoenix, the capital of the state of Arizona, it has already been above 43 degrees for ten days.

Texas has long felt the effects of the heat dome. In this weather phenomenon, heat is trapped under a large dome and cannot escape. El Paso, a Texan city on the border with Mexico, has set a new record for 24 consecutive days above 37.7 degrees Celsius, local weather services announced on Sunday. A heat warning is also in effect for the Miami area in southern Florida until Wednesday.