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South Africa instead of Australia: This is what jungle campers have to do

South Africa instead of Australia
It comes to those who camp in the jungle

Jungle Camp is an adventure in the lush jungle.

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For the first time, RTL Jungle Campers are heading to the African jungle instead of Australia. What can candidates expect there?

After having “only one jungle show” on the TV studio this year due to an epidemic, it’s back to the big outdoors again in 2022: “I’m a star – get me out of here!” 15th season. It will not take place as usual in the Australian state of New South Wales (from January 21, 2022), but will move to the northeastern part of South Africa, more precisely, near Kruger National Park, the country’s largest sports archive. What do key managers expect there?

The climate is like that

“Climate is mega, people are adults and there are lots of wonderful animals,” host Sonja Zietlow said in an RTL interview, already raving about the new location. The heat in South Africa is “drier and more dusty” than in Australia, which is known for its high humidity and humidity. “You’ll sweat a little, don’t drip like that.”

Summer in Kruger National Park is described as hot and rainy and winter as hot and dry. Summer is from November to March and winter is from May to August because South Africa is in the southern hemisphere and the seasons are opposite to Europe. The first rains usually begin in September or October. It usually falls heavily between November and March – some days can wait for those in the camp with heavy rain and hot temperatures.

Time difference that is not there

Another big breakthrough would keep production busy: Germany still had a ten-hour difference in Australia, which is why the live broadcast was made in the early morning and watched in Germany in the evening, with production in South Africa only one hour apart. There is no time difference in Central European summer, and in winter South Africa is an hour ahead of Germany.

Jeetlow, re-analyzing events at the camp from a wooden house above the forest with Daniel Hardwich (43), is excited to see how this will affect the work of those in charge of the forest camp: “For us personally, it may not be bad to work with the rhythm of the day, but it will be a change. . ” So check out the jungle during the day and air in the evening – “In the dark. The green behind us can’t be seen on the show. It’s a bit of a shame”.

These animals live in the national park

RTL has already announced an animal change in a message: “Lion and leopard instead of cola and kangaroo!” In addition to the big cats mentioned, the wildlife sanctuary in the northeast of the country is home to hyenas, wild dogs, leopards, impalas, elephants and giraffes. Shows which camp should be protected from “intruders” Report by the Australian news website “”. The first Australian Jungle Camp since 2015 was “I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!” It happened at that place and a special team protected the celebrities from “leopards, hyenas, hippos, many deadly snakes, scorpions and spiders”.

Dr. Be Bob (71) in Africa. The Australian and famous camp doctor on the RDL show has to leave his home for preparation this time. “There are so many things in Africa that can scratch, bite or stink … but I care about celebrities,” he declared. In a video message A.