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Sophie Thiel doesn't laugh

Sophie Thiel doesn’t laugh

The past few years haven’t been easy for Sophia Thiel, 26: The former fitness influencer has struggled with her body image and developed an eating disorder. At the beginning of the year, she then reported on social media and spoke openly about her problems in order to help other patients as well. Sofia now worries her fans on Instagram: she talks about a dark phase that she is currently experiencing.

“Right now, I don’t feel like laughing at all…and I haven’t actually done so for the past few days,” she reveals to her audience. The reason: “I often feel tired/tired during the day and have a strong urge to be alone and withdraw.” But when she’s alone, “I feel listless and just want to cheer myself up or numb myself with food. I don’t know what the best term for that is.” In these moments, the athlete plunged into old patterns of behavior and succumbed to his cravings for unhealthy food – although “it was not as extreme as before.”