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Sophia Thiel reveals an eating disorder - view

Sophia Thiel reveals an eating disorder – view

Her body was her life for a long time. Sophia Tell (26) has become a superstar in the German influencer scene thanks to her fitness videos and posts. But now the athletic model has revealed the sad background behind her bodybuilding career. “Yes, I have an eating disorder,” Thiel says in a new video.

As a young girl, she really developed a difficult relationship with food, explains the influencer. “I even slipped into the direction of anorexia during my school days.” At a height of 1.72 meters, it sometimes weighed only 50 kilograms. Then she finally discovered bodybuilding for herself. At first it was positive: “I thought I found the key for myself. In bodybuilding with this perfect approach, with this black and white thinking, I can shape my body exactly the way I want it.” But when the success came through social media, she gradually lost control: “I developed a strong eating disorder.”