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Sophia Loren falls and breaks her hip

Sophia Loren falls and breaks her hip

Acting legend

Broken hip – Sophia Loren falls at her home in Geneva

Sophia Loren fell and broke her hip. The actress had to undergo surgery. But there is actually good news.


The acting legend is currently recovering from surgery.

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  • Sophia Loren fell at her home in Geneva and broke her hip.

  • The 89-year-old underwent surgery and is currently recovering.

  • Because of the fall, I have now missed two important events.

Great concern for Sophia Loren (89 years old): According to Italian media reports, it appears that the acting legend collapsed at her home in Geneva, Switzerland. It is said that she broke her thigh. According to reports, the 89-year-old has already undergone a successful surgery and is in the recovery phase.

According to La Repubblica newspaper, Loren was supposed to open a new branch of the Sophia Loren restaurant chain in Bari next Tuesday (September 26), which is the fourth branch in Italy after its locations in Milan, Florence, and Fiumicino.

Sophia Loren’s children are with her

She should also have received honorary citizenship for the city in southern Italy. The restaurant chain reportedly said: “Fortunately everything went well and Ms. Loren will be back with us very soon.” Her sons Edoardo (50) and Carlo (54) stand next to the actress.

In October 2022, Sophia Loren appeared brilliantly on the red carpet in Milan when the actress celebrated the opening of the restaurant that bears her name. The 89-year-old has long been considered a passionate cook, and several books containing her recipes have become bestsellers.

Award-winning actress

The Italian cinema diva, who turned 89 on September 20, also celebrated her return in front of the camera three years ago. The Netflix film “You Have Life Ahead of You” was her first full-length feature film in a decade.

The actress was born in Rome in 1934. She headed to Hollywood at the end of the 1950s and later became an international star. In total, Sophia Loren appeared in more than 100 films. In 1962, she won the Academy Award for Best Actress for the movie “And Yet They Live.” In 1991, she also received an honorary Academy Award for her life’s work.

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