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Soon Paint.NET only for Windows 10 and 11 64-bit

Soon Paint.NET only for Windows 10 and 11 64-bit

Photography and image processing go hand in hand everywhere, because rarely does any photo look perfect after pressing the shutter button. Unfortunately, most professional software is like this Lightroom or Photo shop Too expensive in the long run. For beginners and amateur photographers, there is a first-class free tool like Paint.NETwhich provides many features to improve the image.

now it Version 4.3.8 The tool is published and again confirms an important announcement: from Version 4.4 will Only Windows 10 and 11 backed that too Only in 64-bit version. Windows 11 is only 64-bit anyway, but if you’re using Windows 10 32-bit you should stay in the 4.3.x branch of Paint.NET. This is also the latest version of the classic Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 software. When Paint.NET 4.4 Not Known Yet Appears road map It was announced.

In addition, there are new functionality for layers, improved performance, and several bug fixes. The full list of innovations can be found at Manufacturer’s website.

Paint.NET: The program can also do this

Photo: Unsplash/Zdeněk Macháček

The original idea behind the program was to replace the old Microsoft Paint. The original version was developed at Washington State University in collaboration with Microsoft. However, the paint variant was never replaced – it was reflected in the name. The program’s features in particular include working in several image levels and numerous effect filters with which you can give your images the final touch. By the way, you can also extend this with many free plugins.

Paint.NET It shines with a clear and elegant interface. Free software offers much more functionality than many competitors, including features that are only offered by commercial products. With Paint.NET, for example, users have the option to work with multiple layers, use professional graphics tools, or apply high-quality effects to images.

Thanks to Many plug-ins The free program can also be greatly expanded. So you can with it Paint.NET PSD plugin Even Photoshop files with open layers. You can also use 8BF-based plug-ins, which are often used in Photoshop, with the . extension 8BF plugin use.

Also available Portable version The software isn’t quite up to date, but it’s especially useful when you can’t work on your computer. Pictures can also be edited from a USB drive.