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Playsation 5 - Drittanbieter-SSD in Slot führt zu Blockade

Sony releases PS5 memory expansion with update

A major software update gives PlayStation 5 what longtime fans have been wanting. Sony allows storage expansion via SSD.

The basics in brief

  • Until now, it has been impossible to add third-party SSD drives to PS5 storage.
  • The update now allows the console to use the free M.2 SSD slot.
  • This means the fans are no longer tied to the console’s terabyte of memory.

Sony is currently releasing a system update for the PlayStation 5, which should please many fans. The console has been available with an empty SSD slot since sales began, that can not be used. At least for now, because manual memory expansion is now possible on PS5.

Sony is still tough

Until now, the console manufacturer has blocked the free M.2 SSD slot to look for potential compatibility issues with different SSDs. Especially fans with A cheaper version of the PS5 Without a motor, however, he was very upset by this decision. A terabyte of memory is quickly filled when 330 GB is already reserved for the system.

In the video, Sony shows how installing an SSD in PS5 works.

Now this memory can also be expanded later with a fast SSD. According to the blog post, both files and entire games can be transferred and saved here. However, there Still strict guidelinesAny SSD tapes may and may not be used.

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