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Some features also work with an empty battery

Some features also work with an empty battery

the new iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max It should contain functions that can also be used when the battery is empty. The leak comes from the same anonymous source as above Dynamic Island iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max announced.

It can be used for another 24 hours

According to the source function “where is” The smartphone will continue to operate for up to 24 hours after the battery is completely discharged. In addition, it can also locate the new iPhone when it is turned off. the Express mode in Apple Wallet You must reach 5 hours Can be used after the battery runs out. Corresponding public transport tickets, car keys or house keys can be used with this.

A new one makes that possible Microprocessor, which will be used in Apple’s “Ultra Low Power Mode”. The new slide is about Bluetooth and Ultra Wideband capabilities take over andSolid state buttons“Controls. These are buttons that are supposed to look like push-buttons, but have no moving parts. So you can also use the volume buttons or the power button when your iPhone is off or completely empty.

Volume control is updated

With a volume rocker there currently 2 variantsthat have been tested. A variant in which the mobile phone gets quieter or louder faster, depending more powerful You press the button, and the variable in which you adjust the volume with a stretch Swipe up or down can be customized. Both variants use the same “solid-state button” and differ only in the basic software.

According to the source, it is currently being tested whether or not these switches are operational tactile feedback to output when pressed in the off state. According to previous leaks, these new buttons are only for Pro models available. The “regular” iPhone 15 should have the same button mechanism as the iPhone 14.