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Solingen: vacation and a playground: the longing is great

Solingen: vacation and a playground: the longing is great

On his VfB future, Matteo Agrusa said, “I don’t yet know where to play.”


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Ten questions by Matteo Agrosa

Solingen. Matteo Agrusa plays a central role in the VfB Solingen national football league, and not just because of his position. Since his return from Bundesliga 1. FC Monheim two years ago, he has taken charge of his home club’s midfield – at least when the season is not interrupted by Coronavirus, as is currently the case.

1. How has the Corona virus affected your life?

Matteo Agrosa: I personally don’t have it.

2. What will you do first when the ghost is completely gone?

Agrusa: vacation with family and definitely go to the football field.

3. Beer with or without alcohol after a workout?

Agrosa: Sometimes with and sometimes without.

4. Team tour: malls or leisurely?

Agrosa: Mali !!!!!

5. What can’t be missing in your fridge?

Agrosa: a smoothie.

6. Music: Schlagger, classical or techno (or whatever)?

Agrosa: Hip Hop, ’90s, and the “Straight Outta Podcast” by my brother Marcelo. Schlager also goes four to five days a year – when we’re in Majorca.

7. Which athlete would you like to go to the sauna or have a coffee with?

Agrosa: Mario Balotelli and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

8. What sporting event is most exciting to you?

Agrusa: Our promotional game in 2017 with 1. FC Monheim in Rhede, when we reached the league by a draw in the fifth minute of injury time.

9. Cinema: comedy, science fiction, or horror?

Agrosa: Anyone who knows me knows I’m 100% in comedy.

10. What does the perfect evening look like to you?

Agrosa: Playing switch with my wife and kids on the sofa and snacking on sweets.