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Soldiers must protect the queen from prying eyes

Soldiers must protect the queen from prying eyes

Queen Elizabeth II is not much mobile anymore. Her mobility is so limited that she can no longer walk her dogs.

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Elizabeth II had to cancel several shows due to her health. But she wants to take part in the memorial service for her husband Prince Philip – the royal army is supposed to prevent pictures of the Queen in a wheelchair.

The 95-year-old British Queen does not want to show any weakness even in her old age. As The Mirror reports, Queen Elizabeth II will attend Prince Philip’s memorial service – with strong protections for her privacy.

The military operation is to keep the paparazzi away and ensure safe behavior.

Her Majesty has recently refrained from public appearances several times. For example, she did not appear in front of people on “Commonwealth Day” at Westminster Abbey. The celebration of Prince Philip, who died in April 2021, is now taking place at the same venue.

This performance was canceled due to the nearly 42 km distance between London and Windsor Castle. This trip was not beneficial to the Queen’s welfare, as was said at the time.

Wheelchair only if needed

The palace says the Queen is currently struggling with her mobility. In fact, she is so weak that she can no longer walk with her adorable dogs.

But because she definitely wants to make the long trip to the memorial service at the Abbey, British soldiers offer protection – especially against curious paparazzi who want to snap a current photo of the Queen.

As The Sun wants you to know, one option at the moment is to take the Queen from Windsor Castle to Buckingham Palace by helicopter. This flight is possible in 15 minutes. Then she had to go the remaining distance.

November 24, 1947: Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, enjoy a walk during their honeymoon in Broadlands, Rumsey, Hampshire.  (Photo by Topical Press/Getty Images)
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have been married for 73 years and 140 days and he died last April at the age of 99. At the memorial service, she wants to personally give her her last respect.

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Only last week she completed her work in Windsor afloat, but the palace staff are now worried. Very concerned that walking a short distance may cause difficulties.

Although the Queen decided not to use a wheelchair, this should be reconsidered for her performance at Westminster Abbey.

Queen Elizabeth II generally agreed to be supported in her project. You will enter the monastery through the side entrance, of course without public eyes. Hired the British Army for this purpose.