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Solar energy, Gütersloh takes first place in the Watt competition, Gütsel Online, OWL live

Solar energy, Gütersloh takes first place in the Watt competition, Gütsel Online, OWL live

Wide field: photovoltaic cells on Arvato roofs.

Solar Energy, Gutersloh takes first place in the Watt competition

  • Gütsel ranks first in the Wadden Sea competition standings, ahead of Munich, Cologne or Düsseldorf.

Gutersloh is in first place, far ahead of Munich, Cologne or Düsseldorf in the ranking of major cities – and this is worth a second look. And it shows too: Gutersloh has taken first place in the city comparison in the #solar challenge# among the participating cities between Bremen and Bavaria for a few weeks now.

“Which city will be the first to double its installed PV capacity?” It is a nationwide #challenge mission that began in February 2021, in which more than 200 cities and communities have registered so far. As of July 31, 2022, Gutersloh has recorded a peak value of 87.3 Watts per inhabitant since the start of Watt’s PV expansion competition, beating Cologne (26), Düsseldorf (50) and Munich (52) by a wide margin. Last but not least, the massive expansion of solar energy by Bertelsmann ensured a move to the top. Arvato alone has installed photovoltaic cells, which generate about 3.35 million kWh annually, on a total of 7 hall roofs in Gütersloh – electric power for the entire campus in the Autobahn with an investment amount of approximately €2.9 million.

When it comes to installed PV output per inhabitant, Gutersloh is in third place with a peak of 423 watts per inhabitant behind Paderborn and Ulm.

“Buildings and energy management are among the most important factors when it comes to reducing climate-damaging emissions,” says Stefan Scherek, managing director of Vereinigte Verlagsausliefer (VVA). Leif Pollex also sees the commitment of large companies as a sign that has an impact on private homes: “The use of solar rooftops should become a standard.” This is also the goal of the Watt competition, which is behind the organizations Fossil Free Karlsruhe, Parents for a Future Germany, Fridays for a Future Germany and Scholars for a Future Germany. Pollex: “Competition provides an opportunity to compare and is an incentive.” The fact that Gütersloh is now at the top of the rankings and has also recorded significant growth overall also shows that the Watt contest is a good marketing tool: “It generates attention – which is good for advancing expansion with solar.

Watt contest

The Wadden Sea Competition is a competition for cities and communities revolving around the accelerated expansion of photovoltaic cells. Our goal is to accelerate Germany’s energy transition through the massive expansion of photovoltaics. This works towards the 1.5 degree target of the Paris Climate Protection Agreement, which has not been achieved by the #climate protection measures currently being taken by politicians. For the climate goal, the energy transition should lead to 100% renewable energies by 2030.

Wattkampf began on February 21, 2021 and participation is still possible any time after Wattkampf’s first birthday. Which community, which small town and which large city creates the largest per capita increase? The first round of the Watt competition continues until the first major city has doubled the installed PV capacity per inhabitant. But one thing is clear: doubling the starting value is only an intermediate stage. We still have a long way to go to achieve the 100 per cent renewable energy target by 2030.