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Soaked in Charles’s coronation plans? William and Kate are getting involved!

Clear regulations for Prince George

Apparently, Charles comes along with wanting Prince George to play a leading role in his coronation It is not easy to get over his parents. As reported by The Sunday Times, the Duke and Duchess of Wales reportedly want to sit down with Charles and Camilla soon to discuss the young royal’s “key role”. Because William and Kate are so demanding of George Do not overwhelm his role!

It also broadcasts George’s participation in the coronation ceremony Correct symbolism of the future And it gives him something to always remember. It’s definitely different – this culmination gets more exciting every minute,

Historian Hugo Vickers agrees (71). The role of the young heir to the throne should therefore be similar to the presence of Charles at the coronation of his mother Elizabeth in 1953. In this remarkable event, the five-year-old prince was placed between the Queen Mother († 101) and his aunt Princess Margaret († 71) of his to make it as visible as possible.

Fortunately, George reportedly has his younger siblings supporting him on May 6th. However, Princess Charlotte (7) and Prince Louis (4) are “only” Present as a spectator at the concert. Fans of the british royal family can still get new ones Cute pictures of the royal family Right.

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