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So there is no need to use VAR!

So there is no need to use VAR!

Remo Froeller will be sent off the field in the Euro 2020 quarter-finals. Referee Michael Oliver waives the check. So there is no need to use VAR! Suspension.

The basics in brief

  • Referee Michael Oliver put Remo Froeller outside the field in red and dispensed with the VAR check.
  • It’s not the only scene at Euro 2020 that causes head shaking.

Since Friday evening at the latest, it’s been clear: VAR doesn’t help with this model – it’s a nuisance! VAR does not make football fairer because it is often not used in a logical way. This causes misunderstanding between fans and players!

Latest example: the red card for Remo Froeller’s title in the Euro 2020 quarter-final against Spain. Yes, riding the Bergamo Legionnaire is challenging, depending on your perspective on the frontier. But the expulsion is very difficult – an obvious wrong decision!

Remo Froeller sees the red card. – SRF Sport

The question arises: why does referee Michael Oliver not watch the scene again in peace? VAR technology seems to have informed, the grip on the ear is visible. But the Englishman does it without checking – completely incomprehensible!

Murir: The decision could lead to the victory of the Swiss team. Because in the second half, Petkovic’s team makes a stronger impression. But if the number is less than you, the task becomes almost impossible.

Summer celebrates late in the furore against France

It’s not the only scene that is a topic of conversation. Let’s look at the round of 16: Jan Sommer spends the fifth penalty kick for the Frenchman from Mbappe. And writes history with the national team.

Jan Sommer saves a penalty kick from Kylian Mbappe. – SRF

But what does the 32-year-old veteran do? He was waiting with big cheers until the VAR – OK to referee!

Because: Somer is afraid that he left the line too soon. Had that been the case, the punishment would have had to be repeated.

Only when the referee agrees to the offer can the national team get out of the big emotions. Seconds pass! Fabulous!

VAR is not only a problem at Euro 2020

Video Assistant Referee technology wants to make football “therapeutic”, and errors must be eliminated and unfairness prevented. But often the anger caused by outside interference is greater than before.

Which makes sense, because: Even in the basement with VAR technology, there are people interpreting a scene. Just like a referee does on the field.

Aids should be used where it makes sense. For example goal-line technology, which can clearly identify whether the ball is behind the line or not. Black or white, that’s enough.

What do you think of the video assistant referee?

Because: Football is also a game of error, and this applies to the players on the field as well as to the referees. It has worked for 100 years – and will continue to do so. Without VAR!

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