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So the Swisscom president apologizes for the recent emergency network disruption

So the Swisscom president apologizes for the recent emergency network disruption

Swisscom chief apologizes for emergency network collapse (recent)

Urs Schaeppi, CEO of Swisscom, was responsible for the hours of failure of emergency numbers in Switzerland Last Friday he apologized to the firefighters and everyone involved.

Shabi said the power outage shocked him Interview With “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” (Wednesday Edition). Swisscom It will do everything in its power to prevent such failures in the future. The topic is of the highest priority.

Several actions taken by Swisscom after the crashes in the previous year had an impact. Shabi noted that Swisscom carried out 4,000 network maintenance every week. Although network stability is the highest priority, failures may occur.

The reason for the power outage

When asked about the reason for the recent crash, Chippe said Swisscom was waiting for a network component on a phone platform for business customers. The software update resulted in a glitch and a domino effect occurred.

However, Swisscom also had to involve the supplier of network components. That’s why the turmoil lasted so long. The emergency call system has already worked. But since the emergency hotspots are also ground-based commercial customers, they were also affected.

Schaeppi contradicted the thesis that austerity programs had a negative impact on network quality. Swisscom invests about 20 percent of its sales in infrastructure each year. In Switzerland alone, this is 1.6 billion Swiss francs.

One of the best networks in the world

Swisscom networks were among the best in the world. “We need a technical and regulatory reference model to make emergency call systems more robust,” Shabi said. Therefore, the idea of ​​u200bu200bthe system leadership proposed by Bakom is correct.

Christophe Eichlemann, president of networks at Swisscom and member of the executive board, pointed out the complexity of the system in an interview with the French-language daily “Le Temps”. Because of federalism, Swisscom works with dozens of different alert centers in Switzerland.

Coordination of all this is not easy. Swisscom is a telecommunications company that has been selected by Alarm Centers to forward calls. So it is clear that Swisscom would like to have a clear division of responsibilities. Because today there is no comprehensive supervision of the system by the state.



The turbulent history of Swiss mobile communications


The turbulent history of Swiss mobile communications

Source: Keystone / Martin Ruichi

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