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Zwei Tage vermisst - Achtjährige Julia gesund aus Spital entlassen

So the girl survived for two days alone in the woods

Police provide exciting insight into how eight-year-old Julia survived two days alone in the wild.

The basics in brief

  • Eight-year-old Julia was found in the woods just two days after she went missing.
  • The police are now reporting how the little girl survived alone in the wild.

For 45 hours, more than two days, more than a thousand emergency services searched for Julia S. Near the Czech border. Finally, Tuesday’s redemption followed: Julia was found. The girl was hypothermic and had scratches on her leg, otherwise she would have been But it is good depending on the circumstances. But how did the eight-year-old survive two days in the wild in sub-zero temperatures?

One answer to this question was provided by a press release issued by the police after she was able to speak to Julia. Accordingly, the student not only stayed in one place for 45 hours, but also wandered through the forest and tried to find the path that she had previously taken with her family. After her disappearance, she traveled several kilometers.

According to the police, during the night Julia lay on a high meadow and slept there. According to the announcement, the eight-year-old spent at least one night on a highchair in the woods. There she was relatively sheltered from the wind and could sleep on a small mattress. It was finally found only about 100 meters from the highchair.

Incredible: During the time Julia was missing, she apparently didn’t eat or drink anything. Julia told the police that she was especially big at night worry He had. I met deer, foxes and even a wild boar.

Because she was afraid of putting herself in danger, she refrained from seeking help or drawing attention to herself in any other way. Incredible: On Wednesday afternoon, after one day of successful search, Julia was able to go to the hospital They left with their parents.

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