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So RTL will take revenge on the hit star

So RTL will take revenge on the hit star

RTL is very angry with Michael Wendler. The station now wants revenge and invites a former confidant to the “jungle camp”.

The basics in brief

  • Michael Wendler owes a former close friend about 30,000 euros.
  • The pop singer also mistook it with RTL.
  • Now comes the station’s revenge: the former confidant is invited to the jungle camp.

The disaster happened around Michael Wendler (49) Herbst 2020 its track. The pop star suddenly gave up her role as juror for «Germany is looking for the star“They utter confused conspiracy theories.

This was followed by a disgusting comparison of the concentration camps and the transfer from Germany to his adopted home, Cape Coral (Florida). He has since been living there with his teenage wife Laura (21 years old) – and has since been living in Germany Recently wanted with an arrest warrant.

Michael Wendler offended many people, but RTL in particular incurred huge financial losses. At that time, I planned the announcer next to «DSDSTwo more projects with the German. According to conspiracy theories, this was also rubbish.

A total of about 800,000 euro He goes. Money that eventually went for (almost) nothing. in a “DSDSOnly one episode was broadcast, then it was cut. The documentary series “Michael Wendler & Laura” was discontinued and a successful show for “TVNow” was not filmed.

Unpacking Michael Wendler’s ex-boyfriend’s luggage at jungle camp?

Now comes the mighty dispatcher’s revenge!

As reported by Bild, RTL has His great opponent Ins jungle camp invited. Timo Berger, former manager, former confidant and former wedding planner for Wendler. Only recently he preferred the singer Dish. Among other things, it calls for planned flights and hotel accommodations wedding 29’500 euro from his side

Wendler hasn’t paid him to this day — and Berger is giving him hell. He also personally visited him at Cape Coral. But it also didn’t work out for the broke pop star.

Now RTL wants Berger to be famous jungle camp– Emptying the campfires in front of millions of spectators. secrets about wendler, about Laura’s love, About everything that actually happened behind the scenes. After all, Berger was one of the people who stopped at Wendler until the end.

In the jungle camp there must be new gossip about Michael Wendler – are you happy?

Exciting: Timo Berger wasn’t the first choice for RTL. According to “Bild” information, former Wendler manager Markus Krampe was previously on the nominees’ wish list. However, this was cancelled.

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