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So he made his 'DSDS' luggage disappear

So he made his ‘DSDS’ luggage disappear

Michael Wendler has high debts. His bank statements show how the musician deals with his creditors.

The basics in brief

  • Pop star Michael Wendler lives in Cape Coral, Florida.
  • The musician owes millions to the German tax office.
  • How he managed to evade his creditors is evident in his bank statements.

Much Ado About Pop Star Michael Wendler (49)! the musician or instrumentalist skipped tuesday Hearing in a court in Germany He is now wanted under an arrest warrant.

Wendler owes the German tax office the equivalent of more than a million Franken.

maybe around creditors To escape, he has his daughter Adeline (19 years old) as the president of the American record label Cape Music Inc. registered. Officially, the 49-year-old is just an employee of the company.

The bank documents, held by Bild, show howDSDS“The jury arrives despite debts and creditors of money.

Will Wendler succeed in getting out of the debt trap?

Michael Wendler made the age of ‘DSDS’ disappear

Looks like Wendler has a part of it RTL– Gage of 2020 can be converted into gold. The equivalent of about 354,000 francs became about five kilograms of gold. In addition, 175,000 francs were withdrawn from the company’s account in the same period.

One expert explains the gold trick as follows: “[Das macht man]When assuming the worst. It is easy to convert gold into cash, and it is easier to get out of the country. And it’s the best way to hide it.” Yupf!

When asked by the newspaper, Michael Findler did not want to comment. He later stated on his channel “Telegram”: “I am an employee of Cape Music USA and am neither a director nor an owner of the company. My broad duties include various activities in the company. Banking transactions and contracts are also part of it.”

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