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SNB rate decision: Is a savings account worth it now again?


Swiss Central Bank President Thomas Jordan will decide on Thursday whether to raise interest rates further.


The world has finally come back to the savers — at least a little bit. The era of negative attention lasted eight long years. What you learned in school through painstaking interest calculation is long gone when it comes to saving. Since the end of negative interest rates in September, you can now look up your textbooks again: the money in the savings account is finally growing again – albeit slowly, as the comparison portal assesses Blick’s offer.

Interest rates for well-known banks such as UBS, CS, Raiffeisen or cantonal banks range from zero to 0.25%. In some cases it is a little more, for example in Neobank Yuh there is the highest interest rate in Switzerland at 0.5%. Meanwhile, only the alternative bank, which specializes in sustainable investing, still has negative interest rates.