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Snapchat: Users Get More Active Again With US Vaccination Campaign – The Economy: Latest News & Reports

Snapchat has grown during the Corona crisis. Photo: Patrick Seeger / Dr. (Patrick Seeger / dpa)

The data from the Snapchat app for pictures shows a gradual return to normal daily life with the ongoing Corona vaccination campaign in the USA.

“We see people get out more and meet their friends, or go back to work and learn,” founder and president Evan Spiegel said in presenting the current quarterly numbers on Thursday. Snapchat now hopes to accelerate the already high growth period of the pandemic.

Because with a higher level of activity in everyday life, the app is used more. In March, Snapchat recorded more new friendships and message exchange between users. Currently, 280 million daily users open the app 30 times a day – and every time there is an opportunity for advertisers to serve ads to them.

In the United States, which has a population of 330 million, about 200 million vaccines were given against Corona in the first three months of President Joe Biden’s term.

Meanwhile, Snapchat makers believe that Corona habits such as online shopping will play a bigger role than before even after the end of the pandemic. During the crisis, they relied heavily on so-called augmented reality, in which digital elements are inserted into the real environment on the screen. Not only did this result in fun applications, but it also led to business models such as the opportunity to experiment with fashion or almost cosmetic products.

The bill works: Quarterly sales jumped nearly two-thirds year-on-year to $ 769.6 million (about € 640.5 million), the operator Snap announced. For the current quarter, Snap expects an increase in sales between 80 and 85 percent and 290 million daily users. The loss has decreased from about $ 306 million last year to just under $ 287 million.

The number of daily active users increased in the last quarter by 15 million to 280 million. Of these, 93 million are from the US domestic market and 77 million from Europe. For the first time, the majority of Android smartphone users were using Snapchat. Google’s operating system dominates the market with a share of over 80 percent. But Snapchat was disrupted for a long time due to technical issues in the Android app, so that iPhone users formed the majority.

Snapchat was originally known for photos that vanish on their own. Meanwhile, the app is also trying its hand as a platform for media content, among other things.

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