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Smith takes family to Australia: ‘It will be the holiday of a lifetime’

Smith takes family to Australia: ‘It will be the holiday of a lifetime’

Michael Smith hopes to add at least one World Series title to his record this month. The US Darts Masters champion is one of eight permanent PDC representatives at three World Series tournaments in Australia and New Zealand.

As one of eight PDC players, Smith will be paired with one of eight Oceania players, including Tour card holders Simon Whitlock, Damon Hedda and Gordon Mathers, in the first round. A tough first round match awaits the bully boy anyway.

“When you come to places like the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand, you’re not only playing against the (local) qualifiers, but you’re also playing against the best professionals from the PDC Cucuit,” says Smith.

“The Dutch Darts Masters have proved that anyone can win and the same goes for Australia. So it’s not easy and it shouldn’t be. It’s the World Series of Darts. It’s good to be in places like this. Eventually the majors will come.”

This will be Smith’s third visit to Australia. This year he brought his wife Dagmara and sons Michael Jr. and Casper.

“It will be a once-in-a-lifetime vacation for them. I’ll have to work, but I’m sure they’ll enjoy it. It’s a three-and-a-half-week trip, and because I get homesick easily, I can take it. They’re off to Australia.”