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Smile – it's better than nothing

Smile – it's better than nothing

Sit upright for a moment, standing is also possible of course. You don't have to smile brightly, but you can pull the corners of your mouth up slightly. Back of shoulders. How do you feel?
Most people feel a little better when they sit and smile. Anyone who now puts his hands on his hips is taking what is called a power pose. It aims to enhance self-confidence and people Makes you more willing to take risks.

Psychology talks about postural reactions, that is, reactions to the situation. Facial reactions refer to the reaction of emotions to facial expressions. Both have been fully exploited, especially in professional literature. Maybe that was a bit exaggerated. However, they can be used – if they are understood.

Power pose and smile: Does this really help?

Because smiling and power poses are controversial tools in everyday life and professional life. Original research on the bodywork cannot be confirmed. However, there are now a number of studies showing the effect of smiling on mood.

Now what is correct? We have to break down stimulus, reaction and outcome a little bit. Because as is often the case, the result we get depends on the situation and the person. Anyone who goes to a customer-facing job in a depressed mood and has to smile all day is doing emotional labor.

this work overwrought. This is especially true if there are frequent adverse reactions. On the other hand, if you give your colleague a sarcastic “we could do that” smile after a bad customer and see that they are returned in a friendly manner, you are doing something good for yourself.

The same applies to power posing: anyone who constantly struggles with self-doubt cannot automatically combat it through the pose. On the other hand, if you want to orchestrate a hint of excitement, you can be on the right track with power pose. This is also true because it can serve as a mini-meditation. So: breathe, focus, and allow yourself to feel that your presentation could be really good. breathes. this will be.

Sometimes a smile is better than nothing

Research findings on smiling and power poses contradict each other because the effect simply is not particularly strong and does not occur in all people in all life situations. In addition, they are often performed with rather small groups. This means that even a few deviations can lead to big changes.

Now how do you work with it? So:

  1. Be aware of how you feel now.
  2. Ask yourself if you want to increase this feeling.
  3. You can strengthen it if you adapt your posture and facial expression to your feelings – and strengthen both a little.
  4. If you don't want to reinforce that feeling, you need a starting point. My favorite starting point is the challenge.
  5. Challenge may mean taking a combative stance towards your current situation.
  6. Once you have that, you can continue working on your face and body.

Charles Darwin previously assumed in one of his works that expressing emotions strengthens them, while suppressing them can weaken them. Today we add: suppressing it can weaken it, but it does not have to do so.

Anyone who constantly suppresses his feelings becomes ill. On the other hand, if you let a minor inconvenience in everyday life pass you by without letting your anger take its toll on your body, you're probably doing yourself a favor. And if you want to smile but don't, you're either in danger of having a fit of laughter — or missing out on an opportunity for positive emotions. That would be a shame in a way.

Attitude is never a substitute for dealing with problems. But it can help us in specific situations. But she can't do it alone, her thinking must be in line with it.

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