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Smart shopping carts make waiting in line at checkout redundant

Smart shopping carts make waiting in line at checkout redundant

This is what Shopic’s smart shopping cart looks like.


The Aldi discount program is testing a smart shopping cart that automatically recognizes merchandise and renders them unnecessary.

A shopping cart with built-in cameras could soon replace the supermarket checkout. In the town of Mülheim an der Ruhr der in West Germany, test the discount smart shopping cart, such as the “Lebensmittelzeitung” mentioned.

The shopping cart was developed by the Israeli startup Shopic. Equipped with two cameras and a display screen. The system automatically recognizes the goods deposited in the cart and accounts. When you leave the shop, you pay at the station.

Aldi works on other projects

This pilot project was initially run in a single branch, now customer feedback must be evaluated first before the opponent decides whether to commercialize the concept on a large scale. Aldi Suisse is already using a different payment system called “Scan & Go” as of today.

Customers at 17 Swiss Aldi branches can use the Snabble app to check their purchases even when they are removed from the shelf. The goods can then be packed into the backpack directly in the supermarket aisles. Billing is done via a credit card stored in the app.

Tellers must become unemployed

Making money changers redundant has long been an endeavour of supermarket chains. In addition to the well-known self-exit logs, there have also been high-tech solutions for some time.

In Amazon Go stores, customers don't have to do anything except take their purchases off the base.
In Amazon Go stores, customers only have to get their purchases off the shelf.

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In the USA and London, for example, the tech giant Amazon already runs cashierless supermarkets with Amazon Go. Here, however, the cameras are not built into the shopping cart, but crisscrossed the entire store. They score when customers get something off the shelf – at checkout, the purchase invoice is paid automatically, and customers practically don’t have to do anything themselves.