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Small data centers to heat swimming pools for free in the UK

Small data centers to heat swimming pools for free in the UK

Both have heating problems: data centers because they generate more heat – swimming pools because they cost more to heat. If you combine the two, it’s a win-win situation. In Great Britain, the start-up Deep Green wants to establish precisely such user relationships, thus contributing to energy savings and preventing further pool closures.

A relaxing swim in the server-heated pool

Deep Green provides free boiler and energy

Since 2019, Great Britain has experienced a wave of swimming pool closures, with 65 of them closed so far. Most of them can no longer afford the heating costs. Deep Green now claims to be able to offset 70 percent of its energy from waste heat, so a 25-meter pool saves around 8,000 euros a month: usually enough to keep things running. The company provides free boiler and energy needed to heat water. The boiler in question is a special construction that absorbs waste heat from servers.

Besides bathrooms, other customers are also needed

The customer now only needs to provide enough container space for a small data center – and network connectivity. The server operator or Deep Green pays for the electricity and the recipient gets the hot water for free. In a typical bath, the system is kept at 30 degrees Celsius 60 percent of the time. Swimming pools are the most obvious customer group, and other companies and institutions can also sign up for the scheme. According to reports, water consumers do not incur maintenance and repair costs.

The whole thing is based on the widespread distress of operators of data centers who can’t bear the cost of cooling. Some companies are already considering keeping their servers at cooler altitudes or completely underwater to reduce heat cost-effectively. Now these people can prove themselves as pool saviors and boost their image in addition to cost savings.


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