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Sleepeezee – Luxury from Great Britain

Sleepeezee – Luxury from Great Britain

Box spring beds with different upholstery and innerspring layers provide even more comfortable sleeping comfort. They originally came from the Scandinavian countries and the United States, but this tradition has been around for a long time in Great Britain as well: the British manufacturer Sleepeezee has been making their exceptionally comfortable and efficiently designed box spring beds since 1924.

The mattresses are hand-made mattress (technology: tuft), for which Sleepy uses only the finest and most durable raw materials such as British fleece wool, cashmere and horse hair. Each bed is designed to be ordered individually and the manufacturer’s decades of experience guarantee the comfort of sleep. At the Frankfurt Flagship Store Beds Zellekens, Hessen’s largest specialty bed shop, the best way to enjoy quality is to try it. In addition, here you will find comprehensive advice on mattresses, box spring bases, upholstery fabrics, toppers and headboards that you can put together to fit your own needs and unique bed.

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