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Sky One will be discontinued in the UK –

Changes in the pay-TV business in the United Kingdom have not had any signal effects for Germany. In the UK, Sky has now announced the cessation of its entertainment channel Sky One. Sky Showcase, which will show program highlights from the entire Sky range, should go to its broadcast location. Sky One’s previous character – with minor changes – should go Sky Max in the meantime.


Over the past decade, Sky has undergone two major changes. The British (UK and Ireland), German-speaking (German and Austrian) and Italian branches on the one hand were closely linked by the family of media mogul Rupert Murdoch on the other. The deal was later sold to Comcast, which turned Sky into a sister company to NBC Universal, which had previously operated pay-TV channels in Europe. Both processes led to several restructuring of Sky’s own channels.

Changes in the media world due to streaming include: Shutting down Bay TV channels (such as the FOX channel in support of Disney + – already completed in the UK on June 30) or preparing to commit crimes so that reality channels will soon be lost from Discovery when new channels such as Sky enter the media federation streaming world . After all, there is an expectation that Sky will lose access to HBO products (jointly operated on Sky Atlantic) and HBO Max will also appear in the Sky markets when current contracts expire.

Changes in Sky UK

So the UK is now re-ordering. By renaming the program Channel 105 From Sky One To Sky Showcase Customers of pay-TV provider in the United Kingdom can now get Mixed highlights On various Sky channels that provide tasty reporting including non-fiction formats from Sky Crime, Sky Documentaries and Sky Nature.

Sky One has been the federal broadcaster for licensed series and domestic production in Great Britain since 1989. Meanwhile, with the launch of Sky Comedy this range is different, the color of this project already attracts its own attention and Sky in-house products are next to the series of sister company NBC (announced: “Young Rock”) and other licensed products.

The new Sky Max channel is now creating a new pool for a variety of entertainment formats, including “Invent the Wizards”, “A League of Thought Own” or “Ness Mind the Buscocks”.