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Skiing: Italian slalom Ace Stefano Gros married


Stefano Gross dared.

The next skater is under cover. Slalom Ice Stefano Gros (36) married Francesca on Saturday. In keeping with his sport, it snowed. In the wedding photos that Italians publish on social media, the couple stands in a wintry atmosphere.

Gross isn’t the first skater to use summer vacation to tie the knot. Among others, colleagues Giuliano Razzoli (37) and Elena Cortone (31) have said yes in recent months. Many of his fellow winter sportsmen congratulate him under his wedding photos. For example, biathlete Dorothea Ferrer or ski fissures Manuela, Manfred Mulge, Christoph Einrhofer and Marta Pacino. Gross says thank you in words: “Thank you to everyone who made this day a memorable day for us.”