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Ski star Michaela Schiffrin angry at Zurich airport

Ski star Michaela Schiffrin angry at Zurich airport

Skater Michaela Schiffrin is currently in Switzerland. Apparently there were complications at Zurich Kloten Airport. Her luggage was not found, to the dismay of the 27-year-old. Meanwhile, she received her bags.

«We were at 1 check-in and in the private office, where we should have been helped. But we did not help. And we went to meet the supervisor.” Thus begins the Instagram story of ski star Michaela Schiffrin, who is currently at Zurich-Kloten Airport. She was then referred to the lost and found office to search for her luggage, but it was closed.

It feels like a mess for the 27-year-old American, who is walking into the airport with two other women. Her first Instagram story also says, “You laugh so we don’t cry,” which means something like: “We laugh so we don’t cry.”

Michaela Schiffrin loses her bag at Zurich Airport

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Apparently, Shivrin has been looking for her luggage since Sunday, but at the airport Zurich No one seems to be able or want to help the Americans. At least that’s how the current World Cup winner puts it. Then a man took her in the direction of the lost and found office, but shut the door in her face. Not anymore. Shiffrin says sarcastically:

“A great start to the new World Cup season”

A great start to the new World Cup season.

Finally, in a third story, Shiffrin explains that according to Swissport, her bags appear to be missing. But you are sure they are in Zurich. Shiffrin extends her cell phone to the camera turned on to show that she can track her bags – and that they are in Switzerland, in Zurich.

Michaela Shiffrin is considered the best skater nowadays.Photo: cornerstone

Then she thanked United American Airlines for the great help. This would have helped put bags on a plane and in Switzerland bring to. But she still doesn’t look really happy.

Bags have been shipped back from Chicago

Shiffrin and her bags are now reunited, Swissport confirmed upon request. Monday morning your bags were delivered by machine from Chicago. However, the company is unable to provide any information on the causes of the problem. Shiffrin is no longer doing anything to start the new season on the Swiss and Austrian glaciers. (cri / major) (

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