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Ski racing in Zermatt: investigation begins in Italy

Ski racing in Zermatt: investigation begins in Italy

In Switzerland, work had to be stopped in an unauthorized part of the ski area.Image: Cornerstone

The new Gran Pica ski race track in Zermatt-Cervinia is now being targeted by Italian authorities. The Aosta (I) Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation into the work on the Italian side of the cliff.

According to the Italian news agency ANSA, the area responsible for the Aosta Public Prosecutor’s Office is located at the bottom of the valley. This is the area where the second section of the men’s and women’s World Cup will be held in mid-November.

“The work is almost complete and is progressing well in the two sections on Italian territory,” economic development advisor Luigi Berschi said on Wednesday at the regional council in response to a request from the Progressive Citizens Project group. He explained that the company managing the work “had previously taken measures last year to obtain all approvals and permits to move forward.”

The photo shows the lack of snow near the finish area of ​​the new ski slope

The plan is to drive here next weekend (November 5th and 6th).Photo: Keystone

Partially outside the approved area

On the Swiss side, the Valais Building Committee imposed an immediate ban on the use of some facilities on the Theodul Glacier in Zermatt on Tuesday. Based on the proposed slope layout, the committee found that some of the facilities were located on a very small area outside the approved ski area on Swiss territory.

According to the organizing committee, the races are not in danger. OK announced on Tuesday that as soon as weather conditions permit, the corresponding correction will be carried out without any problems without affecting the track from a sporting perspective.

The Association of Climate Lawyers, which represents the interests of WWF, Pro Natura and Mountain Wilderness Switzerland, is calling on the cantonal building committee to extend the ban on construction work.

On Wednesday, the club made new allegations. Images from the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise webcam showed that on October 25, despite the work ban, an excavator was standing on a section of the glacier outside the ski area. (NI/DAP)

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