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Ski Cross Season Opener – Smith and DeTraz start the season with a podium finish – Sports

Ski Cross Season Opener – Smith and DeTraz start the season with a podium finish – Sports

  • Fanny Smith comes in third in the ski season opener in Val Thorens.
  • Roman Detraz also finished third and ended a long period of suffering.
  • Another race is scheduled for Friday in the Savoy region of France.

The Swiss skiers were immediately able to fight back for victory in the season opener in Val Thorens. Fanny Smith reached the final for the women and Roman Detraz for the men. They both finished in third place.

For the woman from Vaud, this is her 70th World Cup podium finish. The second-fastest player in the qualifier celebrated his victories from start to finish in both the quarter-finals and semi-finals and confidently reached the final.

Naslund, who else?

Sandra Naslund was faster again there. The Swedish series winner has been unbeaten since December 2021 and immediately showed in the first race of the winter with her 38th World Cup win that she wants to stay that way. Smith got off to a good start in the final and followed Naslund. In the middle section she had to let Frenchwoman Marielle Berger Sabatelle pass, but then Neslund was unable to challenge her either.

A year ago, Smith narrowly missed out on the podium with a fourth-place finish in Val Thorens. Talina Gantenbein took their place in third place. For the third-placed qualifying team on Tuesday, falling into the quarterfinals means the end. Sestine Cousin (12), Saskia Luck (11) and Margot Dumont (14) also fell by the wayside in the quarterfinals.

The long-suffering DeTraz reports back

As with the women, 5 Swiss reached the men’s knockout stage. Together with Ditraz, the Swiss ski representative also reached the final. Romand has a long history of struggle, and was rewarded at the French Savoy with a fourth podium finish in his career – his first since February 2019.

The 29-year-old, who has been limited several times due to, among other things, a cruciate ligament tear and a herniated disc, had to concede defeat to the winner of the first show, Tristan Takats of Austria, and Tyler Valach of the USA. Christophor Mahler missed a penalty kick early in the final round and was eliminated in the decision.

The performance of Gil Martin, who reached the knockout stage for the fifth time in a World Cup, was also pleasing. In the small final, the second team player finished seventh and had his best World Cup result. Sven Liechty impressed in his first appearance in the knockout stage with a 10th place finish.

Fiva will also be there on Friday

The next race is scheduled to take place on Friday in Val Thorens. Among the men, Olympic silver medalist Alex Viva, who is back from a cruciate ligament tear, and Italian world champion Simone Deromides will also be in the starting lineup. The two had faced miserable conditions with fog in qualifying for the first race.