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Skadi is looking for a new place for her 2nd birthday basket

Skadi is looking for a new place for her 2nd birthday basket

(photo: private)

Moers. Hikes up the hill and valley, walk around and learn about many different situations – Skadi, who will turn two years old in February 2022, can’t get enough of it. She’s been sitting at Moers Animal Shelter for over half a year, waiting for the right person. The Skadi is a herd protection dog and as such has more of a “will to do” than a “will to please”. That is why the animal shelter is looking for not only active people who love Skadi and love to go out in any weather, but also people who already have experience with dogs so that they do not become independent.

Especially when getting to know new things – whether it’s new people, dogs or situations – a sweet dog needs someone who is confident by her side, who gives her security and helps her find the right way to handle things.

Skadi’s house should be on the ground floor. The garden is always beautiful, of course, but it is not necessary, since the occupancy and not the garden should ensure its proper use. Kids should be older because of their size and temperament.

Moers Animal Shelter, especially Skadi, wishes she could celebrate her second birthday in a proper home.

The Moers Animal Shelter remains closed to visitors. If you’d like to learn about Skadi, please call Moers Animal Shelter at 02841.21202 Monday through Friday between 2pm and 5pm and Saturday from 1pm-4pm.