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Sixth place: Leon Dreiser and Philip Rompuy

Maine / Nürburgring.
As part of the 24 Hours race, the fourth round of the Nürburgring Challenge (RCN) took place on Corpus Christi. This time the “EiFelkind Racing” team from Nordhorn in Lower Saxony was there again. Leon Dreiser of Mayen and Philipp Romboy (Wegberg, North Rhine-Westphalia) once again took their seats in the Opel Astra GSI. Dreiser opened the race with a time limit of 11:58 minutes. The time he was able to confirm was on the seventh lap with 11:54 minutes. Dreiser: “Since I couldn’t confirm the setup time last time because I was going too fast, it was especially important for me to do it this time. Overall, I felt very comfortable in the car.” And one nice side effect of that feeling of well-being was even better. A new personal performance by the 19-year-old. On lap six, the media stylist’s intern had a very good time of 9:19 minutes, more than 10 seconds short of his previous record.

After lap seven, Philip Rompuy took over the car and also had the task of confirming Dreiser’s time from lap one. Rompuy was very accurate here and rolled the Green Hell at 11:59. On another track of the race, unfortunately, the 25-year-old was slowed down by incompetence in the Rüsselsheim race car. For example, in Döttinger Höhe it only reached 180 km/h instead of the possible 205 km/h. The team surrounding team boss Uwe Wendland lost more valuable time due to the extra stop. Otherwise, it would have been better.

Andreas Keren