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Sixth place!  Lamparter disappointed: 'It's pulling your plug' - winter sports

Sixth place! Lamparter disappointed: ‘It’s pulling your plug’ – winter sports

Once again, Lucas Greider finished ahead of Johannes Lamparter in the joint Olympic position. While the two Tyrolean teams finished third and fourth in the regular hill competition in Zhangjiakou last week, they finished fifth and sixth on Tuesday.

Once again, the eventual winner rushed toward the finish line on the dangerous climb. While Greiderer was still able to win the bronze medal in the inaugural competition, Lamparter was unable to save the medal this time.

The 20-year-old was left with only the tag team action on Thursday to take the podium from his first matches. “It’s bittersweet, at the moment I’m very disappointed,” says Lamparter of the poignant decision again.

“It hurts, I’ve really tried everything. I felt really good, and then I probably went a step too far and not ready to go with the last few metres.”

Lamparter commented on the latest ascent with his medal on the horizon

What is meant is his sprint to make up for the initial deficit of 1:27 after jumping into the middle of the third lap to the top.

“The goal was for me to keep my pace really, really fast. Mainly because I noticed that the people in the back were very close. But I never thought they would come back. I actually thought when I got to Rose, I ran into it is the exit for the medal. “

You will then simply notice that you are above your peak. Germany’s Johannes Rydzyk had a similar experience in the regular hill races. “He pulls the plug on you and then you’re done.”

Head coach Christoph Eugen saw the competitors getting closer and closer. “The Norwegians rushed forward. They could tell the medals were on the line. Unfortunately (Lamparter) lacked a bit of power in the last kilometer.”

Greider: Should I throw myself in front of them?!

But tactically, the World Cup leader made the right decision, says the coach. “When it comes to the medal, you have to take a risk. He left a little bit behind on the hill and that was of course crucial. And when the best people are together, it makes sense to have a quick move. Lukas (Greiderer) certainly participated, but Jürgen Graback was better and deservedly Olympic champion.

Greider ran again in strong cross-country races, but this time he was a little further off the podium. “I’ve got it all. The way Jürgen ran the day, I thought, he had plans, I’m going to stay there. It was really tough and great. Then get in between the three, that would be closed means a lot. I’m satisfied with fifth.” At the end of the climb invest everything again. “It suits me well.”

Absamier also suggested that Lamparder must have been a little disappointed when he was eliminated from the medal ranks. “He was really handy and then they whistle.”

And Greider had thoughts of a different kind of Lamparter support during the 10 kilometer run: “I was already thinking during the race, should I open my sledge for them or should I fall in front of them?!”

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